December 5, 2023


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Waiter Wants To “Protect” Woman’s Slim Figure, Swaps Her Order For Chicken

Going to a restaurant should be a delightful experience. We want to be greeted with smiles, have pleasant conversations, and taste some delicious-looking meals. It sounds like a perfect night, right? Well, sometimes things don’t go according to plan, and even the slightest mishaps can seriously ruin our mood.

One of the most disappointing things that can happen is ordering one dish and receiving another. Recently, Reddit user Ancient-Abs created a post on the Two X Chromosomes subreddit, telling how the waiter mixed up her order. Sure, we can understand when such mishaps happen because of honest mistakes. But when the server chooses to change your order on purpose, it’s a whole other story.

It seems that the male waiter brought the wrong food because he decided to count the calories for his customer and “protect” the woman’s figure. As you can guess, this experience didn’t go well with the user. Read on for the whole story.

Recently, Reddit user Ancient-Abs shared an unpleasant post about how a male waiter decided to change her order to “protect” her from calories

Image credits: Jessie McCall (not an actual photo)

Image credits: Darpan (not an actual photo)

Later on, the author added some more updates to the story

While the male waiter thought he was being considerate, purposely switching the food can lead to some unfortunate results. A few commenters wondered what would have happened if the customer was allergic to chicken, and one user mentioned that “the difference in calories would be nominal,” making the server’s decision even more baffling.

The author’s post quickly went viral, amassing more than 26K upvotes and 2K comments in several days. Ancient-Abs added an edit to the post, saying that she received many messages from men who did not believe this story was true. “Y’all don’t believe women get sexually assaulted either,” she wrote. Well, it seems that 81 percent of women have experienced some form of sexual harassment in their lives.

An online survey launched by Stop Street Harassment revealed that more than three out of four females had to deal with verbal harassment, like being catcalled or getting unsolicited comments about their looks. “The findings show that this is a pervasive problem and permeates all sectors of our lives,” Holly Kearl, the main author of the report, told NPR. “Most people who said they had experienced sexual harassment experienced it in multiple locations.”

When men give unwanted remarks to women or think they can make the choices for them, it is a way of manipulating them and maintaining power. Dr. Jesse Matthews, a licensed clinical psychologist, told us in a previous interview that men who show extreme versions of masculine traits such as strength, courage, and independence “often have negative views towards women’s rights.”

“Since traditionally, men have held more power, they may view this as the natural order of things and as something they don’t want to give up. Women’s rights are about being treated equally to men, so men who believe they are entitled to power over women are likely to resist this.”

Luckily, some men endorse healthy masculinity. The licensed psychologist explained that they actually have most of the same traits, only in more moderate amounts. “A man with healthy masculinity may be strong, independent, and assertive, but he can be these things without disregarding or seeking power over others. He can be successful in whatever his goals are, yet still care about other people, seek support or ask for help when necessary, and help others or work cooperatively with them.”

Stories like these remind us that sexism is still alive and well, and that it’s crucial to participate in such discussion and work together towards a more equal world. Hopefully, people will learn to think more carefully before they make any potentially insulting actions, and more women will remember that it’s always important to stand up for themselves and share their experiences with others.

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