December 2, 2023


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5 Wine Cocktails for Christmas

5 Winter Wine Cocktail Recipes to Warm Your Christ... | Just Wine

This blog introduces the five most festive wine cocktails you and your loved ones can enjoy this holiday season. These cocktails have been carefully curated from Sainsbury food to order, so you can be sure that only the freshest ingredients are used for your favourite drinks. So whether you’re a fan of classic favourites or modern combinations, we guarantee these drinks will get you in a merry mood for the season! So impress your guests or mix up some new recipes for yourself; all lighthearted sips are made with Sainsburys food. So prepare to explore some of the most unique and popular drinks of the holidays.

The 5 festive wine cocktails to get you in the holiday spirit

With the holiday season in full swing, breaking from the hustle and bustle can be hard. What better way to relax than treat yourself to a delicious festive wine cocktail? Whether you prefer to sip on something sweet, tart or even smoky – there is an option for everyone. Consider this the ultimate festive toast guide – all of which are guaranteed to get you feeling just a bit more jolly! Here are 5 festive wine cocktails that put yuletide cheer into every glass: Mulled Wine Punch, Cranberry Orange Mule Fizz, Blood Orange Rosemary Mimosa, Pineapple Prosseco Spritzer and finally, Eggnog Tini. So why not share one (or two…or three) of these perfectly crafted cocktails with friends and family to truly feel the Christmas spirit?

Tips on preparing to impress your guests with drinks

If you want to wow your guests this Christmas, why consider picking up the fun and interesting festive drinks? Whether they be alcoholic or non-alcoholic, there are plenty of options to make sure everyone at your party gets into the festive spirit. Be sure to stock up on a few different types of beer, wine, cider and soft drink so that you can offer your guests a selection when they arrive. If you’re feeling creative, try making some unique cocktails or mocktails – endless recipes online can help you come up with some unusual custom concoctions! Remember to serve your drinks in fancy glasses for that extra special touch. Prepare well and have everything cold so when it’s time to shout ‘Cheers!’ everyone can raise their glass to an unforgettable Christmas night!

How to keep it cool through the chaos of hosting christmas parties

Hosting a Christmas party can often seem like an uphill battle against time and stress. Keeping your cool throughout the process can be challenging, with so much to do and see. However, by taking some proactive steps, you can ensure that you stay calm, relaxed and collected during what is famously considered the “most wonderful time of the year”. Planning is key- making lists, setting timelines and delegating responsibilities to trusted family members or friends will help keep you organised and enjoy all aspects of hosting without getting overwhelmed. Additionally, remember to take breaks during preparations – take some time for yourself to sit back and relax before the festivities begin!