December 4, 2023


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Americans Get Scammed In Mykonos: How To Avoid

An American pair checking out Mykonos, Greece encountered a horrible surprise when they had been slapped with a huge monthly bill for a compact lunch. They fell prey to a frequent vacationer restaurant scam that I’ve witnessed (and luckily never ever fallen victim to) around the planet. Here’s how you can stay away from it.

Vacationer Restaurant Fraud: How To Detect And Stay away from Anywhere You Are In The Globe

It is usually the similar. An aggressive guy stands outside the restaurant or bar, cajoling passersby to enter. You somewhat reluctantly agree to enter. You are requested what you want to consume. No menus are presented or if they are introduced, there are no charges.

Run! Run!

You question about pricing and are explained to not to stress about it, that charges are acceptable. So you order a drink. Subsequent the waiter will display up and encourage you to order foodstuff. Still, no rates. Maybe a “specialty of the house” will be advised. You ask again about charges are are informed that every little thing is low-priced.

The foods arrives. It may even be okay. You eat it. Later, you inquire for the bill…and then receive the shock of your life span.

I’m thankful it has never transpired to me, but I’ve noticed it come about in Asia, Europe, and the Center East…and the outdated scam is generating headlines around the world after a mother and daughter in Mykonos were being handed a €598 monthly bill for two mojitos and two crab legs.

When they protested the monthly bill, the restaurant owner became menacing:

“I will contact the law enforcement. They will hold you right here and you will not return to your homeland.”

This cafe is known as DK Oyster. Check out their TripAdivsor site and you are going to see destructive overview following overview right after evaluate. It is always the similar scam…and it is a fraud. Defending alone on TripAdvisor, the cafe said:

“However, we have frequently tried using to demonstrate the fantastic cost of running a company like ours. Would you request Bugatti why they charge as a great deal as they do? Would you request all the luxurious models to justify their prices? You could opt for less costly goods and products and services. There is no monopoly.”

Lol. Correct.

Here’s the astounding factor. Greek authorities investigated the enterprise and found, apparently, that it is not breaking any legislation. If that is the case, it looks to me a excellent motive to stay away from Greece…or at minimum Mykonos. I marvel if the police are on the payroll?

When I was in Bethlehem, I believed I was managing into a similar situation and only sat down to take in soon after negotiating for 20 minutes around pricing. The easier detail would have been to wander absent, due to the fact there had been no printed menus, but the sport of bartering was a little bit of enjoyable. Ahead of the restaurant proprietor could strike me with a larger invoice, I paid out him in cash at the agreed on charge at the conclusion of our meal. Thankfully, we had been not blocked from leaving the cafe!

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The alternative is straightforward: don’t enter a restaurant or bar that won’t present prices in progress, preferably on a printed menu. I’d go so significantly as to history the waiter on the cell phone conveying pricing if there truly is no menu (and frankly, I’d just prevent the position completely).


It’s quite uncomplicated: really don’t sit down in a cafe or bar that will not give you rates in progress. There are so numerous cons all around the environment, but this is a prevalent 1 and you are going to see it in the West, the East, the North, and the South. Be aware…unless you do not mind shelling out €200 for a mediocre cocktail.

Have you been ripped off at a restaurant or bar by the absence of menus?