December 5, 2023


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Customer Service Week

The first week in October is Customer Service Week although we think customer service should be a corporate value that is demonstrated every day of the year! Most businesses today do, in fact, realize how important it is to provide good customer service if they expect to be successful in the marketplace. Research has proven that satisfied customers lead to increased profits, the driving force of the economy. Surveys are often used to capture data about a customer’s experience with a specific product or service that can be used to make improvements or create new offerings. Plus the actual gesture of having a way for clients to voice their opinions shows that a company really cares about their target markets.

You may have noticed one type of customer service surveys on the restaurant table or on the back of your receipt after a shopping trip at the mall. Typically, these types of online surveys allow you to log onto the specific survey site that the corporation uses to fill out a brief survey about your experience. Usually, these free surveys must be completed within a certain number of days or hours from your purchase so that your memories will still be fresh. While most of these online surveys don’t offer cash rewards, you will usually be treated to codes that can be used on your next visit to the store or restaurant for free products or discounts. Another popular reward is to have your name entered into a drawing for a large cash or merchandise sweepstakes.

In addition to online surveys, you can participate in customer service surveys that are administered through phone interviews, one-on-one interviews and through mail-in questionnaires. If you have something important to say, good or bad, speak up on these customer service surveys. Businesses need to hear from customers like you so that they can discover unmet needs, fix problem areas, and develop action plans to take care of other critical corporate issues. Companies want to make you a loyal devotee of their products and services and are ready to listen to your concerns (and compliments) on customer service and satisfactions surveys.