December 5, 2023


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Feral Cats As Part-Time Pets

Jazmin is my cat now. She;s feral and took awhile to trust me. She’s very smart and deals with weather and humans by finding refuge in bushes and backyards. She loves being petted and being fed treats.

On the other hand, I don,t have to worry about cleaning up after her, as she avoids litterboxes. I also need not worry about her whereabouts, She is in the neighborhood somewhere and knows where to go for food and treats. which is my house.

You could say that I have a pet, though that pet lives outside for the most part.

It took me a lot of time and patience, Initially, feral cats don’t trust people, but tend to run away from humans’ Jazmin didn.t run away. She ran to me when I stepped out of the house with some freshly opened cat food and placed it within her reach. I spoe softly to her before going back in the house. Weeks turned to months before I could finally pet her and scratch her ears. Today, she is so friendly that she meets me around the corner and follows me home for food and treats.

Get a feral cat to trust you by leaving food and treats. Then walk away. Never yell or beaggressive to a feral cat. Give it time to become used to you and your voice, which it probavly will. On the other hand, don.t rush. and know that the cat may never trust you. once tried to befriend another feral cat named Leelee. I fed her for a few years, yet was never able to pet her. Then one hot humid day, Leelee just disappeared. But at least, she never starved or lacked water and attention.

You can anticipate that a feral cat will eventually trust you, but never expect it to. Feral cats are like that, though they have the potential to become part-time pets. When Jazmin had kittens, she bought them to my yard and was nursing them near my backdoor, I managed to adopt one of the kittens whom I named Rosce. Roscoe is now a healthy neutered indoor tomcat, Had I not taken him indoors, he might have become feral and not survived, But his mother, Jazmin, did survive and is my prt-time pet. Of course, she is spayed. But she refuses to step in the house. no matter what. I love her anyway.