December 2, 2023


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North Coast Rep’s ‘The Homecoming’ Puts the Fun in Dysfunctional

By Eva Trieger

Eva Trieger

SOLANA Seashore, California — If you ever needed to know who place the “fun” in dysfunctional, all palms position to the North Coast Rep’s hottest cast of The Homecoming.  This offbeat, quirky, Pinter engage in is a hilarious romp from begin to complete. Kudos to David Ellenstein for directing this British comedy, and enormous props for casting each of these pretty talented actors.

In a  home in North London, we meet up with a loved ones who seems to thrive on verbal abuse, scathing insults and eloquent name-contacting. Insults fly from father to son, brother to brother, father to uncle…you get the photograph. The relatives patriarch, Max (Frank Corrado), his brother, Sam (James Newcomb), and Max’s sons, Lenny (Richard Baird) and Joey (Justin Gordon), are stunned by a go to from Max’s 3rd son, Teddy (Bruce Turk) and his…ahem, exciting wife, Ruth (Melanie Lora). When Max, Sam, Lenny, and Joey have generally lived beneath the exact same roof, Teddy and his wife have just arrive to go to so that Teddy can have his bride satisfy the spouse and children.

There actually is no weak url in this solid. Every single one actor so beautifully inhabited his/her character from the most minute smirk, the in the vicinity of-hysterical laughter, to the simpering glances or blank, vapid stares. San Diego audiences are properly-acquainted with some of the actors while other individuals are debuting, most efficiently.

Frank Corrado has appeared in a quantity of North Coast Rep productions, together with Madagascar, The Dumb Waiter, and The Drawer Boy. His portrayal of Max is flawless. By Corrado’s expressions and eruptions, we see each and every just one of his foibles. Sam, by distinction, appears the only human being with a conscience or soul. He is pleasant to observe as he skirts about his brother’s vitriolic denigration, and he maintains an even keel.

“The Homecoming” cast customers. (From still left to right) Again row: Melanie Lora, Bruce Turk, Justin Gordon, Richard Baird. Entrance row: Frank Corrado and James Newcomb. Photo by Aaron Rumley.

Richard Baird is so very well cast. We’ve noticed him do a ideal British accent quite a few instances, but his smarmy, obnoxious shipping and delivery in this purpose is just elegant. Baird has directed and carried out on North Coast Rep’s stage several occasions and improves in each performance…if which is probable.

Gordon, debuting at North Coast Rep, masterfully portrays a somewhat a lot less sturdy limb in the loved ones tree. He generally requires his lead from Lenny and serves the maxim “all brawn and no brain” fairly effectively.

Turk has appeared on the boards of North Coast Rep in a amount of demonstrates, which include Ben Butler, Similar Time Following Calendar year, and Light Glory. This gifted actor has also directed and appeared on television in numerous shows.

One more deb, Lora, has been seen in theaters all in excess of Southern California. She has also accomplished several commercials and a few films. Her shipping and delivery of Ruth is at when charming, baffling, scary, and great!

As previously described, each actor’s accent was great. This was ensured by Victoria Hanlin, dialect coach, who grew up in Birmingham, U.K. There were no missteps and the accents ended up authentic and consistent.

The moment far more, Marty Burnett produced an progressive and aesthetically satisfying established, which is no mean feat on this confined phase. Audiences have been viewing the dwelling home and stairway and it felt like an reliable home. Bravo!

This present is definitely pleasant and well worth generating an work to see.  The Homecoming will run by way of March 27, and tickets could be obtained by contacting 858-481-1055 or by traveling to