December 5, 2023


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Quitting Smoking – Why Non Smoking Logic Doesn’t Help Smokers Quit

In Australia we have regular ads on Television, showing the graphic results of smoking, Cancer, grieving families etc. Our cigarette packets have gory images of cancerous mouths etc taking up most of the packet space.

The smokers I see tell me they completely ignore these images and for some it just makes them want to smoke. It seems that most government bodies are using non smoking logic to try and change smokers.

But it doesn’t work. These advertising methods do have some impact on non smokers who may be more likely to not take up smoking as a result of seeing these ads. But it works for them because non smoking logic is being applied.

A non smoker couldn’t image smoking while eating or enjoying a coffee etc, it would seem crazy to spoil the taste with a burnt flavour. So typically smokers are encouraged to stop so that their food and drink will taste better.

They don’t care! They like to smoke and eat and drink so there is no leverage to be gained. Smokers are warned of the dire consequences of attracting smoking related illnesses. In societies where heart disease and obesity are rampant, where the bulk of the population is eating themselves to death. The young smokers look around and see their friend’s binge drinking, and wonder what the fuss is about smoking.

Conventional non smoking thinking just doesn’t make any sense to smokers simply because most of the problems non smokers see just don’t matter to smokers unless they are ready to quit. Once a smoker has made the firm decision to quit then some of this non smoking logic can be applied to gain some leverage.

The problem is that all of the arguments are targeted at the conscious mind. It’s the unconscious mind that supports the smoking rationalisations. Of course a good steak or a glass of wine is spoiled by smoking, but it’s your subconscious mind that will find the reasons to do it and actually believe it tastes OK Advanced hypnosis gets around all of this, all it requires is a strong desire to quit and a willingness to fully participate in the hypnotic process.

The rest is taken care of, it’s that simple. So stop trying to force yourself to quit, your subconscious will only undermine you, leaving you feeling that it can’t be done. Don’t believe it, you can and will quit if you seek the right help.