December 2, 2023


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Standing water and a strong sewage smell: York County restaurant inspections Oct. 15 | Restaurant Inspections

The Pennsylvania Section of Agriculture, 866-366-3723, makes use of a hazard-based inspection reporting method for restaurants and other food items handlers.

Conewago Township

Rose’s Pizza, 701 Third St., improve of operator, Oct. 4. Pass. Microwave is weakened. Handwashing sink and three compartment sinks are not draining properly.

East Hopewell Township

Pleasant Valley Golfing Club, 8467 Nice Valley Rd., follow-up, Oct. 4. Pass. No violations. 

Hanover Borough

Edible Arrangements, 409 Eisenhower Dr. Unit 6, Oct. 5. Go. Food stuff facility retains an expired qualified food items supervisor certification. 

Philly Pretzel Manufacturing facility, 2058 South Queen St., Oct. 5. Move. Enthusiast grates, stroll-in device and a lot of ceiling vents inside the facility have a significant accumulation of static dust buildup. Pretzels stored by the hand clean location in which they are subject to splash from handwashing. 

Messy Kitchen area Cupcakes, 1155 Carlisle St. Device 214, opening, Oct. 4. Pass. A utility sink or curbed cleaning facility with a floor drain is not provided in the foodstuff facility. Doorway in between handwashing sink and ware wash location. The facility does not keep a foodstuff manager certification. Women’s toilet home is not presented with a coated squander receptacle for sanitary napkins. The floor and wall juncture in prep location is not lined and shut to 1/32 inch.

Jackson Township

The Grazing Board, 5309 Lincoln Highway, improve of owner, Oct. 4. Move. No violations. 

Manchester Township

Cheddar’s Everyday Cafe, 1540 Toronita St., Oct. 4. Fail. Rubber gaskets on all of the bay marie ended up soiled and protected in mould. Mechanical ware wash tools does not have a doing the job temperature measuring system for the clean tank. The human being in demand did not demonstrate an satisfactory information of foods safety in this foodstuff facility. Food stuff facility is reduced oxygen packaging food items, which has a prospective for Clostridium botulinum and Listeria monocytogenes, without documenting or monitoring a secondary foods safety barrier. Facility is not keeping prepare dinner to chill soups in a refrigeration unit that is geared up with an electronic program that repeatedly monitors time and temperature.All floor drains were being full of foods, rubber gloves, straws, paper and grime and debris. An open up employee’s beverage container was on a shelf in the planning place and an employee’s meals was stored in baggies on cooking products. Handbook can opener tackle and desk had been soiled. Mechanical ware washing equipment does not have a manufacturer information plate with procedure specifications. Slicer was torn aside, but not cleaned sufficiently. Handbook can opener blade, a meals contact area, had food residue and was not cleanse to sight and contact.

Shrewsbury Township

New Emerald Garden Inc., 564 Shrewsbury Commons Ave., Oct. 4. Go.  Old unused devices, stored in waiter station region, ought to be taken off from the food facility.Moist wiping cloths saved on prep tables just after use and not becoming saved in sanitizer answer as demanded. Refrigerated prepared to consume, time and temperature control for safety foods prepared in the meals facility and held for additional than 24 several hours, found in the wander-in fridge, is not becoming date marked. Fly strip found in kitchen area spot more than-prime of prep desk, with opportunity to contaminate meals, tools or utensils. Front Sushi planning spot PVC piping is leaking. The delivery door situated in the rear kitchen area region of the food items facility has a gap(bottom space of doorway) and does not guard towards the entry of bugs, rodents, and other animals. Shelving racks within just the walk-in device have a substantial accumulation of rust and corrosion. Proof of flies in kitchen area space, but facility has a pest control plan.

Spring Backyard Township

The Grill, 1000 Golfing Club Dr., Oct. 5. Pass. Storage containers and drawers housing cleanse utensils have an accumulation of outdated food particles and are in want of speedy cleaning. Microwave unit, a food stuff call surface, had previous meals residue and was not thoroughly clean to sight and contact. Food items was thawing in standing drinking water in the two compartment sink, which is not an accepted thawing system. Mechanical warewashing gear has a buildup of filth and foodstuff residue all all over the best doorway place of the device and is in will need of cleansing.

Stewartstown Borough

Stewartstown Elementary School, 17945 Barrens North Rd., Oct. 4. Pass. No violations. 

York Township

Sweetfrog, 2071 Springwood Rd., Oct. 4. Fall short. The person in charge does not have sufficient expertise of food items safety. PVC Piping leaking underneath the three-compartment sink. Huge pool of standing drinking water in the rear space of the facility. Wall and flooring underneath the a few-compartment sink space of the facility is particularly soiled with foodstuff splash, trash and outdated foods debris. The flooring drain beneath the three-compartment sink has a significant buildup of black soot and filth debris. There is a huge accumulation of rust buildup, chipping and breakage around the lid area of the lure. There’s standing water and a powerful sewage scent all close to the grease trap in the rear spot of the meals facility. Ceiling vents in the rear place of the facility have a substantial accumulation of static dust buildup.