December 4, 2023


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Super Easy Smoked Turkey Brine

Smoked Turkey Brine

This straightforward, vintage smoked turkey brine provides you the juiciest, most delicious holiday getaway turkey you’ve at any time tasted.

You can use this smoked turkey brine for our mouth watering smoked turkey recipe or for our baked turkey tenderloin, roasted turkey breast, sous vide turkey, or any other poultry recipe.

Turkey Brine in a pot.

Smoked Turkey Brine for a Juicy Hen

Really don’t allow the words and phrases turkey brine scare you. It is super straightforward to make straightforward turkey brine for a tremendous juicy smoked turkey recipe. Just be certain you have the right equipment and the correct hen and you are going to be all established to go.

To brine or not to brine?

That is the age-previous issue. The remedy is to consider getting ready your turkey quite a few unique techniques and choose your favorite. We remarkably propose wet brining your turkey prior to you smoke your fowl. However, we never assume you will need to brine your bird if you are roasting it in the oven. To each individual their individual.

If you are thinking when to use a dry brine, that write-up is coming soon!

We made use of this smoked turkey brine for our smoked turkey recipe and since the turkey sits in the smoker for a total working day, a brined chicken retains a bit much more moisture than an un-brined turkey.

How to Select a Turkey

This brine phone calls for a 12-15 pound turkey that has not been addressed. What does that necessarily mean?

Numerous turkeys are already injected with a brine. If you try to brine a fowl that is previously brined or treated you are wasting your valuable time. The chicken will not absorb as considerably of your homemade brine!

Just test on the turkey’s packaging to make confident that the chook is bare and cost-free of any remedy.

Smoked turkey brine ingredients on a plate.

Here’s What You Need to have

Here’s all you need to have to perfectly moisten and taste your Thanksgiving turkey. You need to have a couple brine elements and a couple tools and then you will be ready to put together your brine.

Ahead of you start off, be positive you obvious a place in the fridge for your brining container!

A Huge Pot

This is to start with on the record, since if you really don’t have a vessel for your smoked turkey brine, you are heading to have a problem. There are a handful of distinctive issues you can use to brine your turkey. We utilised a pot, but truly feel free to use any of the vessels beneath.

If you have a container with a lid, great! If not you can address the brining container with plastic wrap or a dish towel.


Determine out how many individuals you are serving and uncover a turkey that will serve these men and women.

Try to remember to discover you an untreated chicken and for goodness sakes be positive you clear away the innards from the physique cavity of the chicken just before you flop it into the brine.

Now, this brining recipe is created for a 12-15 pound turkey. If that is much too significant of a turkey for you have no fear, leftovers are generally a very good detail. Did you know you can now buy a turkey on Amazon? Yes, it’s legitimate.

Make our leftover turkey soup or turkey salad. Trust me, you will not regret it.

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For soaked brining, you can use kosher salt and desk salt interchangeably. We like to use kosher salt for brining in common, but you can use possibly.

Fresh new Herbs

We use fresh rosemary and contemporary thyme for this smoked turkey brine. If you only have dry herbs, have to panic, you can use all those instead! This isn’t the kind of recipe exactly where dry or refreshing herbs make a massive distinction.

Another exciting herb ingredient is a bay leaf! Toss a handful of bay leaves in the brine for something further!

Garlic + Onion

Garlic and onion give this turkey brine a minor bit of flavor. We made use of clean garlic and white onion but you can use pre-minced garlic or a different shade onion.


Peppercorns insert a bit of peppery taste to your chook!  Don’t have peppercorns? A exciting way to include a bit of a bite to your brine is to insert total cloves!

Adding water and salt to a small saucepan.


Must I Insert Sugar to My Brine?

We did not increase just about anything sweet to our turkey brine recipe, but really feel totally free to incorporate 1/4 cup of brown sugar to your brine by dissolving it into the water with the salt. You can also add 1/2 cup of apple juice to your brine ahead of you insert the bird.

Do I have to thaw a Turkey Before I Brine it?

We propose that your turkey is generally thawed prior to you include it to the brine. You can have a couple frozen parts of the turkey, but you want to turkey to be thawed plenty of to absorb the brine and eliminate the innards, and so forth

How Very long Do I Brine a Turkey?

If you’re heading to choose the time to wet brine a turkey, brinning the turkey right away will make it all value it!

flavorful turkey seasoning in a bowl

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Turkey Seasoning

Ditch the shop-acquired turkey seasoning and use the most Flavorful Turkey Seasoning manufactured with 9 elements you can really pronounce. This seasoning is built up of garlic powder, brown sugar, kosher salt, and other basic seasonings.

get recipe

Pouring salt into a small saucepan with water.

How to Brine a Turkey

  1. Get ready your container. Wipe out whichever container you are employing for the turkey brine and be absolutely sure it fits in the refrigerator and will have sufficient house for both the brine and the turkey.
  2. Get the turkey prepared. Remove the innards from the turkey and cut off any undesired sections of the fowl.
  3. Dissolve the salt. It is significant that the salt is dissolved in the drinking water for the brine. To do this you warmth up drinking water and insert salt. As an alternative of heating up gallons of drinking water, we suggest that you heat up 2 cups of water and 1 cup of salt right up until the salt is dissolved. Do not deliver the h2o to a boil.
  4. Insert almost everything to the pot. Incorporate the salt h2o to the brining container and insert the relaxation of the bringing elements to the pot. Add the turkey to the brine and be absolutely sure it is completely submerged in the brine.
  5. Refrigerate. You never want to mess with temperature when it will come to brining a hen. Area your turkey in the refrigerator to maintain it amazing.
  6. Refrigerate. You do not want to mess with temperature when it arrives to brining a hen. Place your turkey in the refrigerator to maintain it interesting. Some individuals like to brine their turkey in a cooler, but it is much less trustworthy. 
  7. Discard brine and prep the turkey for cigarette smoking. When the turkey has brined right away carefully take away the turkey from the brine and place it in a roasting container. Discard the brine. Very carefully rinse the fowl with drinking water and pat the fowl dry. Then, abide by the recipe for this smoked turkey.
Pouring water into a huge pot.

Smoked turkey on a platter

A turkey in a large pot.