December 4, 2023


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Supply chain woes, labor shortages dampen economic recovery

Bill Boone's Logan Monument Co. has experienced multiple supply chain issues, from stones to rubber for stencils, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Obtain a monument for your liked one’s gravesite from Logan Monument in Logan in southeast Ohio and count on to hold out 6 months to a 12 months just before it can be set into its ultimate resting area.

Blame COVID-19, which has developed a myriad of complications from global supply chain bottlenecks to labor shortages so severe that some cemeteries Logan Monument works with really don’t have the workers to do the prep work for a gravestone.

Further than delays and shortages, soaring transportation prices are pushing up charges, further discouraging shoppers, stated the firm’s operator, Invoice Boone.

“If you want a little something from overseas, it is really likely to acquire a calendar year, if you are lucky,” he reported. “Will it adjust? Will it get greater? I hope so.”

It's been much more difficult for Logan Monument Co. to get overseas shipments of granite for gravestones thanks to global supply chain issues wrought by the pandemic.

The shortages, delays and rising rates that Logan Monument and its consumers are facing are frequent throughout much of the economy these times, no matter whether it is automobiles, new households or grocery stores running short on fundamental principles, these types of as bathroom paper, because of surging desire and not enough personnel.

Labor shortages are so extreme that dining places cannot get staff to fill all of their shifts, shops don’t have personnel to keep shelves thoroughly stocked and there usually are not adequate truck motorists to move products and solutions throughout the region. World wide ports are backed up with hulking container ships stuffed with home furnishings, outfits, toys and other goods shoppers want.