December 4, 2023


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The Unexpected Key to Nailing Restaurant Operations Today

Mounting source chain difficulties, price hikes, and labor shortages keep on to consider a toll on the cafe market. Chronically minimized staffing numbers and an inconsistent availability of ingredients are forcing operators to make do with less—while generally facing enhanced purchaser demand. It is a uniquely demanding natural environment, to say the the very least.

With no limited-time period option on the horizon, cafe operators have acquired to adjust to this stream of shifting problems by adapting a degree of versatility like under no circumstances ahead of. But as operators rethink processes on a weekly or even everyday basis, they may perhaps arrive up towards a recurring stumbling block—the limitations of their present foods serving devices. 

“Operators and cooks are resourceful people—they are heading to serve something, so they make it transpire, no subject what,” suggests Chance Hunt, merchandise manager at LTI, Inc. “What an establishment is serving today could be quite various from what is served a couple of times from now. But their gear should really not restrict them when it will come to service time. They require to be capable to write the menu dependent on the foods they have readily available, not the devices on the other side of the wall.”

There is a option to immediate-fireplace menu improvements. LTI’s QuickSwitch serving properly technological know-how permits operators to provide hot and chilly merchandise proper upcoming to just about every other. Limited-time offerings can rotate in and out, regardless of temperature. Assembly of foods like sandwiches, salads, and bowls can turn into additional configurable and far more effective. 

“QuickSwitch gives you maximum flexibility with your menu,” states Mike Purcell, vice president of revenue and promoting at LTI, Inc. “It also will save house and can help you make do with fewer staff. A good deal of locations have ordinarily had 1 staff handling the scorching food stuff, a person dealing with the cold foods. With QuickSwitch, you can have a single staff who’s equipped to deal with both equally correct there in entrance of them.”

The independently managed and convertible wells can also switch from very hot, cold, or frozen in an hour or fewer. If the restaurant runs out of an merchandise, the empty spot in the line can be loaded fairly quickly—either warm or cold.

QuickSwitch technological innovation matches neatly into LTI’s UD-Wall stainless metal serving counters. The UD-Wall serving counters are also built to address the exceptional troubles operators experience. The stainless metal building is extra sanitary than the plywood used to construct quite a few customized speedy-informal and fast-serve restaurant serving counters. The counter is also open up in the back again, building it a lot easier to keep thoroughly clean. It arrives on-web site pre-assembled, costs a lot less than a standard front wall, and can be put in in a several several hours.

“You can assemble the UD-Wall in fifty percent a working day, while you are likely likely to wait a 7 days for a carpenter to build a front wall,” Purcell claims. “You cut down on development time, and you get a regular, sanitary, uncomplicated-to-assemble piece of equipment.”

The UD-Wall arms the command of entrance wall development again to operators and sets them up for very long-term results. “Operators get a lot more manage in excess of the development procedure with the UD-Wall,” Hunt suggests. “With QuickSwitch technology, they have the skill to lead with the menu instead than striving to figure out the menu about the restrictions of the products. LTI truly understands our customers’ environments and what they need for help.”

To discover far more about QuickSwitch engineering and the UD-Wall, go to the LTI site.

By Kara Phelps