December 5, 2023


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Woman left fuming as waiter refuses to give her a candle for birthday cake

A woman was left baffled by her waiter’s response after she asked for a candle for her birthday cake at a restaurant – with some saying he was ‘rude for no reason’

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Waiter refuses to get candles for woman’s birthday cake

Going out to a restaurant is a pretty common way to celebrate an occasion like a birthday, and sometimes you’ll even be able to prepare special extras ahead of time – including getting the staff to bring out a birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday, much to the delight and embarrassment of everyone involved.

But one woman on TikTok has been left fuming after she politely asked for a candle to be added to her birthday cake and was completely shut down by a waiter who insisted he didn’t “have time” for her request.

The woman, named Perveen, posted a video that showed her sitting with her friend at a restaurant when a waiter came over to place their dessert down on the table.

Perveen then said: “It’s also her birthday. We were wondering if you had any candles?”

Perveen asked the waiter if they had any candles



But was told he didn’t ‘have time for that’



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To which the waiter replied: “No, I don’t really have time for that right now.”

Perveen, who posts under the username @lifeofperveen, could then be heard saying “that sucks” before the video stopped, and she captioned the clip: “We cared enough to celebrate your birthday.”

The woman’s video has been viewed over 124,000 times and has gone viral after people took to the comments to point out how “rude” the waiter was for being snappy with his response.

One person commented: “He didn’t have to be rude about it, he could’ve just said they didn’t have any.”

While another said: “I’m a server and I would have just said ‘no sorry’ if I didn’t have enough time. He was being rude for no reason.”

And a third wrote: “It’s quite literally his job to get her what she asks for, how does he not have time?”

But others defended the waiter from criticism, as they noted that restaurants often get busy and can be stressful environments to work.

Someone said: “I understand the waiter. Sometimes the place is too busy to give special attention to people who will leave a mess and won’t tip either way.”

As someone else added: “Well people have told me how hard and busy it is being a server and to have endless compassion and tip no matter what. Where’s the same energy?”

“I understand his response, it’s fair”, a third responded.

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